Gabarró Advocats was founded in Barcelona as a specialized office focusing exclusively on Inheritance Law within the Catalan scope of action.

As specialists in taxation, negotiation and procedural law, at Gabarró Advocats we can offer you comprehensive inheritance advice services.

Due to the particular nature of all matters related to inheritance, at Gabarró Advocats we adopt the philosophy of a personalized treatment with the client because there are no two persons or two inheritances alike.

Gabarró Advocats follows a methodology based on negotiation, maximizing any channel of agreement before giving notice of appeal to court as a last resort.
Gabarró Advocats  - Inheritances - Av. Diagonal 434, 1st 2nd (08037) Barcelona
(between C. Pau Claris and C. Roger de Llúria)
phone 93.458.20.53  Fax 93.631.70.22
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