Bequest (or endowment) claim

In general terms, the heir is the person obliged to hand over bequests to the persons favoured in the will.

In such case where the heir or person obliged to deliver or fulfil a bequest does not proceed so, the beneficiary or favoured person can claim and defend his rights before the Courts.

The Department of Proceedings of GABARRÓ ADVOCATS –HERÈNCIES- defends the rights of the heir before the Courts or, conversely, those of the legatees or favoured persons whose rights are being impinged.

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“Portio Legitima”

How much is it? How and when must it be paid? Can an heir be cut off?

Managing the inherited estate

Managing the estate correctly is crucial

Preventive notarial documents

In lieu of the judicial procedure for modification of legal capacity

Judicial procedure for modification of legal capacity (incapacitation)

In cases where there is no option but to incapacitate our nearest and dearest


It shouldn’t just be a will, it should be a good will.

Obtaining the documents

Documents which are strictly necessary in order to process

No will

When a will has not been drawn up, the Law determines the heirs