Filing a claim for enforcement of an inheritance

The heir has means to claim any part of the estate from whoever has it because they are the heir.

Although it seems obvious that such property must be returned to the heir, the law provides for the acquisition of property through usucaption, that is, without having any title, that property or properties have been possessed for a legally determined long time, uninterruptedly and peacefully.

The Department of Proceedings of GABARRÓ ADVOCATS –HERÈNCIES- defends heirs who claim a property of the inheritance or, conversely, the right of the holders of property who consider it to be theirs and therefore need not return it to the heir.

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No will

When a will has not been drawn up, the Law determines the heirs

“Portio Legitima”

How much is it? How and when must it be paid? Can an heir be cut off?

Managing the inherited estate

Managing the estate correctly is crucial

Preventive notarial documents

In lieu of the judicial procedure for modification of legal capacity

Judicial procedure for modification of legal capacity (incapacitation)

In cases where there is no option but to incapacitate our nearest and dearest


It shouldn’t just be a will, it should be a good will.

Obtaining the documents

Documents which are strictly necessary in order to process