Preventive notarial deeds

Deeds of preventive powers and appointment of a guardian can replace the judicial procedure of modification of capacity

Undesirable situations which occur in people’s lives can be prevented. 

The objective is to facilitate the bureaucracy of those who will have to manage and administer the assets of a person who has deteriorated or lost their capacity due to a cognitive disease (Alzheimer’s, dementia, etc.).

And the solution is found in certain notarial documents that in most cases will prevent having to initiate legal proceedings for the modification of capacity (known as incapacitations). 

We are referring to the deeds of Self Guardianship or Appointment of Guardian and special or general powers of attorney.  

While these may appear to be model or standard documents, the truth is that there are many issues to customise in order to find the exact fit of what each person wants and intends.

Finally, we are increasingly being asked to write Living Wills or Advance Directives, with the aim of appointing a representative as an spokesperson with the medical team, who will decide not to prolong life through artificial means.

At Gabarró Advocats -Herències- we provide advice on the need or not to grant certain preventive documents, we write them and adapt them to your needs and wishes and we assist you with the execution at the notary’s office.

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Obtaining the documents

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Preventive notarial documents

In lieu of the judicial procedure for modification of legal capacity

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In cases where there is no option but to incapacitate our nearest and dearest