Accepting an inheritance

Deciding whether to accept the inheritance is the first step

Upon death, the inheritance is bequeathed to certain persons, who must accept the inheritance by notarising the deed of inheritance or by signing a private document (in certain specific cases).

The acceptance of the inheritance is an act that can be done unilaterally or with the other heirs, should this be the case.

If an heir does not accept the inheritance and you are one of the beneficiaries of the inheritance (heir, legatee, creditor) who is interested in the acceptance of the inheritance by the heir(s), you are asked by a notary to state whether you accept or reject the inheritance (Interrogatio in iure). In Catalonia, if the heir does not speak within the established period, it will be understood that he has renounced the inheritance.

At GABARRÓ ADVOCATS –HERÈNCIES-  we provide advice, draw up the deed of acceptance of inheritance or the private document where applicable and, where appropriate, obtain the acceptance or renunciation of the inheritance by the heir or heirs.

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Obtaining the documents

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