Quarta falcídia (Portion of at least one fourth of the inheritance required to be left to the heir (s) as per Catalan law)

The minimum share of any heir. A claimable right that is not always visible.

Every heir is entitled to what is left to him in the will.

But in cases where the inheritance has been distributed by bequest or endowment, an heir may not receive by will the minimum required by law, i.e., the Quarta Falcidia

The right to the Quarta Falcidia is usually not obvious to the heir, which is why it is advisable to calculate the value of the estate to be inherited, compared with the entire estate, in order to determine whether it is feasible to extract the Quarta Falcidia or whether, on the contrary,  it is covered. 

The deadlines to meet the requirements to claim the fourth decease are very short, so much so that an inventory must be taken within six months after knowledge of the death.

In GABARRÓ ADVOCATS –HERÈNCIES- we advise you and detect whether the right to claim the Quarta Falcidia concurs, we quantify it and defend your interests in the negotiation phase and, if necessary, before the Courts.

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